Newsletters Newsletters Newsletters. Oh My!

So here is my curated list of (mostly) curated newsletters. I’ve enjoyed all of these, and if you’re subscribed to Hacker Newsletter I think you’ll find many of these useful as well. I will update this list as I discover others.


  • Now I Know is one I’ve mentioned several times before. Dan Lewis does an awesome job of coming up with interesting content every single day. If you’re not one of the 100,000+ people already subscribed, you should check it out.
  • Dave Pell’s NextDraft seems to be a favorite for many. He covers a range of topics every weekday, and does so with enough humor to make news actually fun to read.
  • Practicing Ruby is a paid newsletter, so that makes it different than all the others listed here. However, if you do anything Ruby related I don’t think this one is even optional - it is that good. It would be great to see this much passion poured into other topics. Check out an article to see what I mean.
  • Each day, a random subscriber from The List Serve is allowed to send out whatever they want to the 25k subscribers. To answer what you’r e thinking - yes, it provides for some crazy talk, but the great reads easy make up for it. I love ideas like this!
  • Links I Love is a monthly newsletter that you’ll wish was weekly. You can sign-up here. Jodi does a great job curating articles that you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Uncommon asks when was the last time you stopped amidst a sea of ‘likes’? It is something totally different and one that I think you’ll enjoy.
  • Scott Hanselman’s Newsletter of Wonderful Things, which is like Hacker Newsletter minus Hacker News.
  • Brain Pickings is probably one of the better known curated newsletters. Like ‘Now I Know’, you’re always going to learn something new each week with this one.
  • Longreads - five great looooooooooong reads every week. A great and simple design make is even better (and gives you more time to read them).
  • The Fetch is an awesome way to see what is going on in your city. Currently in 10 cities including SF, NYC, and LA (hoping Atlanta is included one of these days!).

Non-tech News



Programming / General Technology

Programming Digests

The weekly digest format for various programming languages and technologies has been hot. It seems like every week there is a new one, so this probably only covers the more popular ones. These are great resources to stay on top of a particular topic through curated experts. I have some favorites here, but sorted alphabetically since there are so many!

Design & UX


The following are pushing their products and/or content more, but are done very well. If you have a company and your newsletter is “me, me, me”, learn from these.

  • Patrick McKenzie (better known as patio11 on Hacker News) puts out some great ideas and training via his newsletter
  • Photojojo’s newsletter is simply a fun email to read.
  • Incoming Transmission by 37signals
  • The Do Lectures - great format.
  • Did you know Ted has a newsletter? You’ll find it in the bottom right corner of A great example of a way to present new and old content to subscribers.
  • Newfangled puts out a great monthly newsletter.
  • The MailChimp UX Team newsletter is an awesome example of the type of content a company can share outside their walls.



I haven’t subscribed to these, but each was recommended by two or more readers and they all look interesting. Have any others I should know about? Let me know!